Volvo Trucks Retains Largest Market Share in Sweden for 3rd Successive Year

Volvo Trucks recently completed a notable hat-trick in Sweden by taking market leadership in the over 16-tonnes heavy truck segment for a third successive year, with a market share of 42.4%.
Volvo Trucks Retains Largest Market Share in Sweden for 3rd Successive Year
Last year in Sweden, Volvo Trucks took market leadership in the 16-tonnes and above heavy truck segment for the third successive year

In total, 6,203 heavy trucks over 16-tonnes were registered in Sweden during 2018 - which was on a par with 2017 – but Volvo Trucks increased their truck sales by 2.9%, thereby enabling them to take additional market share.

“There are several reasons behind the success,” says Stefan Strand, Managing Director for Volvo Trucks, Sweden. “Firstly, we offer pre-specified trucks where we have been able to meet the boom in the industry, not least in the construction segment. Then we have products with clear customer benefits that our competitors cannot match, with Volvo Dynamic Steering (VDS) being perhaps the best example.”

Last year, VDS functionality was expanded with several new safety features and the possibility of personal settings. In addition, an ever-wider selection of Turnkey trucks were well received by the market and innovations with a high customer value continued to drive sales during 2018.

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