Volvo's FL Rigid remains the firm favourite for Henry Kemp (Road Maintance) Ltd.

For over a quarter of a century, every year long-standing Volvo Truck customer, Henry Kemp (Road Maintenance) Ltd has added a new Volvo FL rigid to its fleet. The Nottinghamshire-based company runs a specialist business and that means they require specialist trucks, so when spending money on on-board equipment, they need to be certain they have the right vehicle to carry it. For this firm that’s Volvo trucks.
Volvo's FL Rigid Remains the Firm Favourite for Henry Kemp (Road Maintance) Ltd.
Every year, for over a quarter of a century, long-standing Volvo Truck customer, Henry Kemp (Road Maintenance) Ltd has added a new Volvo FL rigid to its fleet.

“We choose Volvo for reliability,” confirms Phil Wright, Director at Henry Kemp (Road Maintenance) Ltd. “We've been running the FL model as far back as the ‘L’ registration mark in 1993 and we've added one a year into the fleet ever since.”

Today the oldest truck currently on their ten-strong fleet is a late 2009 example, with one new vehicle purchased every year since.

Supplied by Kevan Morris, Area Sales Manager at Crossroads Truck and Bus Ltd, the firm’s latest arrival is an FL-816 4x2 16-tonne rigid powered by Volvo’s D8K engine rated at 250hp. The new truck also features a six speed, overdrive I-Sync automated transmission system.

Ordered as a chassis-cab through Crossroads Truck & Bus Ltd, Rotherham, it has from there gone on for extensive modification and bodywork to prepare it for use installing road studs all over the country.

“First it went straight from Volvo to SB Components in Wisbech to have the air, fuel and Adblue tanks reconfigured to take our design,” Phil explains adding, “Then it returned to Beckingham near Doncaster, to local fabricator; H Mell & Son, who build all our vehicles. Next on the list comes Martin Williams at Hull for painting before the finished truck is finally presented for Individual Vehicle Approval.”

Phil says, “It's vital to find a truck with the right payload to take all this equipment, in addition to the supplies needed to do its job. The Volvo FL is ideal and we like to keep it small. There are companies out there who prefer 18-tonne vehicles, but we keep to 16-tonnes with a 4,400mm wheelbase for turning in confined areas.”

The 8-litre engine fits their bill perfectly, too. “Some weeks when the vehicle goes away it's fully loaded up to 15-tonnes, and the 250hp version is more than capable of handling that payload,” Phil explains.

Last but not least, Henry Kemp maintain their specialist equipment in-house, but they couldn't do it without the support they get from Crossroads Truck and Bus Ltd. “They're brilliant and never leave us waiting for parts,” Phil confirms. “We've been buying Volvos from them for 15 years now, so my fitters have a good rapport with their team, it’s a really good working relationship.”

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