Volvo unveils updated electric trucks designed for zero-emission city transports

With an electric range of up to 450km, 50 per cent shorter charging time and new active safety features, Volvo´s updated medium-duty electric trucks are designed for the urban environment – enabling safe zero-emission city transport and logistics.
Volvo unveils updated electric trucks designed for zero-emission city transports
Volvo Trucks has unveiled updated electric versions of its FL and FE models, offering a driving range of up to 450km, 50 per cent shorter charging time and new active safety features.

As cities introduce clean city zones and companies step up their sustainability ambitions, zero emission trucks that can meet all needs for city transport and logistics are more relevant than ever before. To meet these demands, Volvo Trucks presents its updated electric medium-duty trucks – the Volvo FL and FE.

The Volvo FL and FE are ideal for most applications in the busy city, such as distribution, refuse handling and urban construction. The electric versions have been on the market since 2019 and are sold in multiple markets across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia.

The AC charging capacity of the battery-electric medium-duty trucks has been almost doubled to 43 kW, cutting the time needed to charge the battery by approximately 50 per cent. They also offer recently updated battery packs, delivering up to 450km in total range from one charge.

“Volvo Trucks has a market-leading offer of electric trucks – and we are constantly improving them to enable more businesses to take the step to zero-emission vehicles for their daily operations,” says Jessica Sandström, Head of Product Management at Volvo Trucks. “The upgraded Volvo FL and FE models are ideal work tools for businesses with sustainability high up on their agendas, offering a wide range of applications for their customers.”

Safety is key in the Volvo FL and FE trucks which typically share limited space with cars, cyclists, kick-bikers and pedestrians. A range of new features will increase safety both for the driver and for other road users and these safety upgrades mean that the Volvo FL and FE models exceed the General Safety Regulations coming into effect in 2024.

The new FL and FE models also come with a new appealing design with a revamped front end, distinct LED headlights and a boosted iron mark as well as the Volvo wordmark in the front.

The Volvo FL and FE – available with either electric or diesel powertrains – have also been fitted with several new features, making them even better equipped for modern businesses in the city, including:

  • Slimmer exterior mirrors to give the driver better direct vision of the vehicle’s surroundings.
  • New LED interior lights and a lockable interior storage space to improve the working environment.
  • Volvo FL and FE can be equipped with a 360˚ bird’s-eye view camera solution and/or a side-view camera.
  • A new key fob packed with new user-friendly functions.
  • The electric version also has a new electric power take off interface which allows bodybuilding without an electric-mechanical motor, simplifying bodybuilding and saving weight.
  • Safety system additions including Vulnerable Road User Detection, Side Collision Avoidance Support and Driver Alert Support.


The new Volvo FL and FE models can be ordered now with customer deliveries starting in the first half of 2024.

For further information, please contact:

Martin Tomlinson
Head of Media, Volvo Trucks UK & Ireland
Tel: +44 7775 938063

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