Volvo Connect at Tuckwells

Fleet Solutions Manager Jon Warby caught up with Tuckwells’ Transport Manager Roger Hubbard to see how they use Volvo Connect.
Volvo Connect at Tuckwells

“We run a small fleet of Volvo Trucks on agricultural work moving our farm machinery around the country.

The Volvo Connect (Fleet Management) system is a great addition to our company and allows us to track our vehicles, monitor our fuel and driver's hours.

In addition to being able to monitor driving hours through the platform, we also have the remote tachograph download feature which makes this a brilliant package with a very modern feel. Being able to access all this data through the Volvo Connect App is a huge leap forward when working away from the office, being able to track historical positions helps me with planning the work. This is all backed up by brilliant support from Jon Warby, Fleet Solutions Manager - Volvo Trucks.”

The services described by Roger above are Positioning, Driver Times and Fuel & Environment. In addition to their Driver times subscription Tuckwells benefit from our company card hosting service. Their company card is kept online 24/7 via a card hotel based at our Ely depot (VTBC South & East). This removes the need for them to maintain a card reader themselves, as well as taking away the need for additional administration as this service is managed by Jon and the team at Ely.

Tuckwells also use our driver times API function for the remote transfer of their downloaded tachograph files to their chosen analysis provider for maximum uptime and compliance management. The Volvo Connect App is available to download from App Store and Play Store for both customers and drivers.

Thanks to Roger and Tuckwells for their valuable feedback. To find out more about how Volvo Connect can help with the daily running of your business please visit our website below (where you will also find the links to download the Volvo Connect app), contact your local Fleet Solutions Manager, or email us at