Volvo Connect at Debach

Sara Davis, Business Development Manager at Debach Enterprises Ltd, kindly met with our Digital Services team and Fleet Solutions Manager Jon Warby to discuss the role of Volvo Connect and its services within their business.
Volvo Connect at Debach

With a fleet of 21 vehicles, 18 of which are Volvos, Debach are a warehousing company providing transport services to their own customers within the UK, as well as being part of the Alliance Palletforce Network.


As early adopters of Volvo Connect, Debach were one of the first companies to fully migrate across from the old system, Dynafleet. They were keen to get involved with Connect straight away, discovering improvements and quickly adapting from Dynafleet ways of working.


Sara confirmed how the Fuel and Environment service is integral to their business, as they heavily use the service towards their FORS accreditation by running environmental reports. Sara also described how they use the new graphic fuel charts as a way of managing fuel efficiency and cost controls within the fleet.


With the Positioning service included on all of their Volvos, Debach can view the live and historical positions of their vehicles, view ETAs (when drivers have routes entered into the satnav), and also see driver details. Sara then told us how Volvo Connect is much improved from Dynafleet and how impressed they are with the additional features in the Map section (specifically mentioning the weight limit function), expressing how ‘all the information it gives you on a daily basis for a traffic planning system is fantastic.


When discussing the Driver Times service Sara talked about how user-friendly Volvo Connect is, and when investigating driver’s hours, they can see ‘exactly what you've got left to play with. So if you need to switch things around, it's just there in front of you.’  Debach combine this service with Company Card hosting offered by Jon at our Ely Depot and an API link set up with their tacho analysis partner. The Company Card hosting by Jon ensures that all of the driver and vehicle downloads are performed on a daily basis, and the information is then sent directly from Volvo Connect to the tacho analysis provider, removing the need for additional manual/administrative tasks. Sara confirms this to be ‘an ease of flow of data that you don't have to think about.


Sara continued to tell us how the Volvo connect App plays a big part in driver behaviour across the fleet. The league table in the App encourages the drivers to want to drive more efficiently to try and place themselves higher up the leader board. This in-turn improves fleet efficiency and creates positive Internal competition between the drivers as they strive to be at the top of the table on the poster that is placed in the Debach driver’s reception each week!


We also heard how the Debach management team also use the App on their phones as a management tool, making use of the alerts which are available to keep on top of any issues as and when they occur on their vehicles.


Rounding up, Sara spoke about the company’s relationship with Volvo, and especially Jon as their Fleet Solutions Manager. Detailing how he personally visits Debach to carry out thorough handovers of their new vehicles with the drivers, showing them how to use the vehicles features, functions and Apps to their best advantage. On a very positive note, Sara explains how they ‘work as a partnership [with Jon and Volvo] to get the best out of the truck and the staff.


We would like to thank Sara and Debach for this fantastic feedback, and hope they continue to get the most out of Volvo Connect and their relationship with Volvo. To find out more about how Volvo Connect can help with the daily running of your business please visit our website below (where you will also find the links to download the Volvo Connect app), contact your local Fleet Solutions Manager, or email us at