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A Volvo FM. But 20% less CO2

Gas-powered Volvo FM

A truck for heavy regional operations. That drives and performs just like the Volvo FM you know. But with a smaller footprint plus the potential for lower fuel costs. And there’s no need to compromise on either driveability or productivity.

Euro 6 step D ● 420 hp/2100 Nm or 460hp/2300 Nm ● I-Shift ● Tractor or rigid ● 4×2, 6×2 or 6×4 ● Operating range up to 1000 km

Top five reasons to choose the Volvo FM LNG

There’s no other truck like this on the market. Check out what makes it unique, and why it’s an excellent choice for your business and the environment.

Stand out from your competitors

Do your customers demand sustainable transport? Good. The Volvo FM LNG offers an immediate 20% reduction* of CO2 emissions. And you don’t even have to compromise on load capacity or productivity. Or competitiveness, for that matter.

Get a solid solution

The engine is the heart of any truck. The gas-powered engine is based on our state-of-the-art D13K engine. But we took it even further, with innovative solutions to run on gas. The result? The G13C engine with efficiency on a par with diesel. And you can expect the same service intervals, reliability and performance.

* This covers the emissions from the vehicle during usage, so called “tank to wheel”.

How does it work?

Using gas-fuelled vehicles would not only help the environment greatly. It would also benefit our company by cutting direct and indirect costs.
Society demands cleaner alternative fuels. LNG offers potential as both an immediate and long term solution with a considerably lower climate impact.

Towards Zero Emissons

Energy efficiency and alternative fuels are essential in our strategy moving towards sustainable transports. The gas-powered Volvo FM LNG offers an immediate 20%* reduction of the CO2 footprint. And the possibility to run on bio-LNG means a potential reduction of 100%*. This truck opens up long-term possibilities to move into renewable fuels – making us less dependent on fossil energy sources.

These are all important steps towards our vision of zero CO2 emissions and transports that are sustainable – both for the environment and your business. Learn more about our ambitions with alternative fuels.

* This covers the emissions from the vehicle during usage, so called “tank to wheel”.

Learn more about our ambitions with alternative fuels

Downsize your environmental footprint

Our Footprint calculator lets you see how much you can reduce your negative impact on the planet with our LNG engines, while still having a performance on par with a diesel.


Your Volvo Trucks dealer will keep you informed about the latest development for gas powered-trucks in your country.