Volvo Trucks launches the new Volvo FH – Next generation of truck designed with the driver in mind

Volvo Trucks has launched the new Volvo FH featuring a re-imagined cab, innovative safety features and a driver focused working environment. A key aim of the new design is to give the driver a more productive, safe and comfortable life on the road.
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Using various driveline and chassis configurations, the new Volvo FH can be tailored to suit a wide range of applications and enable significant fuel and CO2 savings.

“The Volvo FH series has been a favorite among truck drivers for many years, especially for those who spend a good portion of their lives on the road,” says Roger Alm, President of Volvo Trucks. “With the new Volvo FH we are continuing our clear focus on designing trucks and offering services that can help drivers do a world class job.”

Driver focus helps attract skilled professionals
The emphasis on drivers is based on the significant impact they have on a haulier’s results, in terms of productivity, efficiency and customer service. “A good driver can make a huge contribution to our customer’s profitability,” continues Roger Alm. “And around the world we see a chronic shortage of truck drivers. By launching this new truck which prioritises the professional driver’s productivity and comfort, we have taken an important step forward in helping our customers attract and retain the best drivers.”

Interior gives drivers superior working environment
The attention given to drivers is most obvious in the updated interior working environment. Their workspace is centred around a modernised dashboard which features a fully digital 12-inch high resolution instrument display and includes an open storage space with motion-sensor controlled lighting. The instrument display allows the driver to choose between four different screen views, depending on the driving situation and the information they prefer to have displayed.

A 9-inch side display can provide infotainment, navigation assistance, transport information and camera monitoring. The display, that is easy to reach, allows the driver to interact in numerous ways: with the intuitively positioned buttons on the steering wheel, through voice control, or directly via the touchscreen and display control panel.

“Easy access to a variety of information increases the driver’s ability to perform more efficiently, safely and comfortably,” states Carin Larsson, Chief Designer for User Experience and Human Machine Interaction for Volvo Trucks. “The presentation of information has improved significantly with the new displays. Demanding interactions are now concentrated on the side display, which is placed within easy reach of the driver’s seat. Distractions are therefore minimised as key driving information is shown clearly on the user-friendly and easily-viewable instrument display.”

Moving inside the cabin is easier than ever with the new slimmer, ergonomically designed I-Shift gear selector. There is also a wide range of customisation options with new fabrics and colours.

Sophisticated design and smart technologies
The bold new look of the exterior is characterised by the signature V-shaped headlights which have now been moved outwards to align with the feature line of the cab doors. The turn indicators have also been moved to the door, giving the truck both improved aerodynamics and a more confident look. The wiper panel is cleaner and slimmer while a bigger iron mark makes the new Volvo FH easily recognisable even from a distance.

“The new generation Volvo FH combines the most successful elements from the previous FH series with smart technologies and a functional, human centric design,” continues Carin Larsson. “The result is an intelligent and sophisticated truck that helps the driver deliver outstanding performance under any conditions.”

Adaptive high beam headlights
The system improves safety for all road users by automatically disabling selected segments of the LED high beam when the truck approaches oncoming traffic or another vehicle from behind. The high beam is adjusted when the camera and radar detect other vehicles or when the camera detects changes in the amount of light around the truck.

Further safety enhancing features on the Volvo FH include descent control, which sets a maximum speed to help prevent unwanted acceleration when travelling downhill, and an improved Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) that works at all speeds, even down to zero km/h.

The Electronically controlled Brake System (EBS), which is a prerequisite for safety features such as Collision Warning with Emergency Brake and Electronic Stability Control, now comes as standard on the new truck. Volvo Dynamic Steering, with the safety systems Lane Keeping Assist and Stability Assist, is also available as an option.

Safety on the new Volvo FH is further improved by the road sign recognition system that is able to detect road signs such as overtaking restrictions, road type and speed limits.

The visibility can be improved further by the addition of a passenger corner camera that provides a complementary view of the side of the truck on the side display.

Improved fuel efficiency and productivity
Using various driveline and chassis configurations, the new Volvo FH can be tailored to suit a wide range of applications and enable significant fuel and CO2 savings. In long-haul operations for instance, the new Volvo FH with I-Save for Euro 6 combines the new D13TC engine with a package of features and can deliver fuel savings up to 7%*.

In many European markets, the Volvo FH is available with the Euro 6 compliant gas-powered LNG engine that offers fuel efficiency and performance on par with that of Volvo’s equivalent diesel trucks, but with a far lower climate impact. The gas engine can run on either biogas, which cuts CO2 by up to 100 per cent, or natural gas which reduces CO2 emissions by up to 20 per cent when compared with Volvo’s equivalent diesel trucks. This relates to emissions from the vehicle during usage, known as tank to wheel.

The new Volvo FH also offers the I-Shift Dual Clutch transmission enabling gear changes without power interruptions. The dual clutch transmission is particularly beneficial during demanding operations, such as transporting liquid goods, as it minimises movement of cargo during gear changes.

Productivity, another important customer priority, is further optimised on the Volvo FH due to its capacity for increased front axle loads, as well as tag and pusher axles with improved steering angles to reduce tire wear and improve manoeuvrability. The truck is also available with Tandem Axle Lift, enabling the rear axle to be disengaged and raised when the truck is not loaded, reducing the fuel consumption.

Facts about the new Volvo FH

  • Cabs: Low sleeper cab, Sleeper cab, Globetrotter cab, Globetrotter XL and Globetrotter XXL. Exterior and interior trim packages for individual design.
  • Engines: Diesel engines are available with different emissions standards. Volvo FH is also available with Euro 6, Step D compliant gas-powered LNG engine in selected markets.
  • Volvo FH with I-Save for Euro 6 is available in selected markets.
  • Gear changing system: I-Shift / I-Shift Dual Clutch with software packages for different areas of application.

*The fuel improvement claim is calculated by comparing costs of diesel and AdBlue for D13TC Euro 6 step D with the Long Haul Fuel Package (I-Save) to D13 eSCR Euro 6 step D without the Long Haul Fuel Package. Actual fuel economy may vary depending on many factors such as the driver’s experience, use of cruise control, vehicle specification, vehicle load, actual topography, vehicle maintenance and weather conditions.

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