Energy & Environment

For electric trucks

Energy & Environment is an essential tool in Volvo Connect for fleet managers looking to boost the productivity and energy efficiency of their electric trucks. Available only with the Volvo fleet management system, this service provides a clear overview of how the electric vehicles are used, including their energy consumption, driving distance and much more. Customized reports make it easy to monitor the performance of electric trucks and the efficiency of drivers, as well as quickly identify and follow up on areas of improvement. Driver Coaching, available as an option, gives drivers real-time feedback on their efficiency as they drive and is a great way to help improve and maintain their technique.

Why Energy & Environment

How do you make the best use of an electric truck? The key is to maximize the time between charging stops. But with so many different factors influencing energy consumption, from the types of routes the vehicles drive on to the skill of drivers, knowing how to make improvements can be a challenge. Energy & Environment makes sense of this data and gives fleet managers the insights they need to optimize the performance of their fleet.

• Get a clear overview of energy consumption, driving distance and much more for electric trucks and drivers

• Get in-depth reports on energy consumption highlighting cost improvement areas and supporting consistent savings over time

• Receive automated and customized e-mail reports on a regular basis

• Follow up on driver and fleet performance from any smart device

• Choose the driver Coaching option to improve and maintain the driverʼs performance and energy efficiency (requires INFODF or INFONDF)

Customized reports improve fleet performance

Energy & Environment keeps fleet managers a step ahead with customized reports covering more than 100 parameters tailored to electric trucks, including energy consumption, brake use, standstills, and route topography. Sign up for emailed reports to conveniently follow up on the performance of your fleet, vehicles and drivers on a regular basis. To share, export the results to PDF and Excel or share the report directly from Volvo Connect.

Driver Coaching improves driving technique

Driver Coaching helps drivers improve their technique through an Energy Efficiency Score that is updated in real time while driving the electric truck. Tips and suggestions on the screen help the driver identify areas where an adjustment will have a positive impact. This service is available as an option within Energy & Environment and requires INFODF or INFONDF.

How does the Energy Efficiency Score work?

The Energy Efficiency Score is rated 0–100 and displays truck and driver performance from an energy efficiency perspective in four key areas:

• Anticipation and brake use

• Driveline utilization

• Speed

• Standstill

The Energy Efficiency Score also makes it possible to compare different vehicle applications (e.g., construction and distribution).

Energy Efficiency Report and the Volvo Connect app

The Energy Efficiency Report is an interactive tool for analyzing the efficiency of the complete fleet, individual vehicles, or individual drivers. The report overview gives instant feedback on the areas of improvement. Vehicles and drivers are ranked based on their score. The trend report combines the Energy Efficiency Score with energy consumption for up to 13 months to track results over time. On mobile devices, a simplified view of the Energy & Environment service is always on hand via the Volvo Connect app.

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