Range & Route

For electric trucks

Range & Route is a powerful route-planning and range-simulation tool in Volvo Connect designed specifically for electric trucks. Available only with the Volvo fleet management system, the service gives you many ways to ensure that your vehicles have enough electricity to complete transport assignments as required. In Range & Route, you can simulate an electric truckʼs route and define key factors that influence its range, such as auxiliary energy consumers, the weight of goods, and route topography. The service will then give you a prediction on the truckʼs range and energy use. You can add waypoints, schedule charging stops if necessary, send the route directly to the truckʼs onboard navigation system, and follow up in real time to ensure that the route is followed. With Range & Route, you can plan transport assignments with confidence knowing you will be able to deliver on your promise – every time.

Why Range & Route

Many factors influence an electric truckʼs range. These include the truckʼs specification, the size of the payload, how flat or hilly the route is, and whether the truck is equipped with special energy-consuming machinery such as a trash compactor. Understanding the total impact of these factors on a truckʼs range can be a challenge, but Range & Route does the calculations for you automatically. This makes it easier to manage your fleet and helps you maximize the efficiency of your electric trucks.

  • Simulate the electric truckʼs route in Volvo Connect
  • Get predictions on the truckʼs energy use and range including factors like auxiliary energy consumers, the weight of goods and route topography
  • Add charging stops if necessary
  • Send the route directly to the truckʼs onboard navigation system
  • Follow up in real time to ensure that the vehicle adheres to the plan

Predict the range of electric trucks

With Range & Route, incorporating electric trucks into your fleet is easier than ever. The service predicts the range for each unique vehicle based on a user-defined route with a set of waypoints. Factors such as changes in the weight of the payload along the route as well as auxiliary consumers, such as a garbage compactor or concrete mixer, are considered in the prediction. Charging can be added to the plan if necessary. Range & Route supports all electric vehicles.

Send routes directly to the truck

Range & Route is integrated with the truckʼs onboard navigation system so you can share the route directly with the driver. The driver is informed about the location of each waypoint and when charging is required. Volvo Connect displays the vehicleʼs current position and estimates the time of arrival at the next waypoint.

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