Volvo Uptime Care Contract

 The standard from which all Volvo Service Contracts are built upon.

All new Volvo trucks are delivered with a service schedule plan tailored to the vehicles requirements based on application and usage – to ensure the trucks receives the exact level of service required. This tailored individual service schedule provides for a preventative approach to maintenance – ultimately the best way to keep a vehicle on the road and earning.

Volvo Uptime Care Contract takes this service schedule to the next level through using the connectivity feature of the truck to adopt re-planning - updating the service schedule with real time truck usage, delivering greater attention and care through precise servicing to maximise a trucks uptime.

The connectivity feature on your truck provides the opportunity to remotely monitor pre-selected parameters, components, truck usage and diagnostic trouble codes on the vehicle. Such connected data enables your Volvo Truck dealer to plan and prepare the trucks workshop visit, having fully qualified the service and preventative maintenance work to be undertaken, securing the right parts, the right tools and technicians to provide service and preventative maintenance in a premium and unrivalled way

What it includes:

Connected Truck

  • Connected Service Planning
  • Remote Service Message
  • VAS On-Call 

Connected Operator - Insight package from Volvo Connect

  • Vehicle Status
  • Workshop History
  • Calendar
  • Log Book 

Download Volvo Uptime Care Contract Fact Sheet

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